The New American Home 2011®

The New American Home 2011®
Cutting-edge energy efficiency and stunning contemporary design are the keywords for the 2011 edition of The New American Home®, America's premier show home and construction technology laboratory. The New American Home offers real-world demonstrations of the latest concepts in architecture, construction techniques, new products and lifestyle trends.

Las Vegas builder Blue Heron and architect Danielian Associates collaborated with interior designer Robb & Stucky Interiors to create a home that is elegant, functional, and efficient, and green - the home scored at the gold level under the NAHB National Green Building Program.

"The New American Home has been a leader in green building for years, but this latest edition is built to be the most energy-efficient home in the history of this series," said Bill Nolan, chairman of The New American Home Task Force. "Builders, architects, engineers - anybody with an interest in housing construction will be fascinated by the natural gas-powered heating and cooling system, the photovoltaic cells and the solar water heating. Even the insulation in this home is exciting.

The New American Home 2011®-By Microsoft
Call it wonderfully chic-modern or just an overpriced piece of Microsoft spending, the New American Home by Microsoft is definitely worth a closer look. Sure, it may cost about more than many of us will make in our lifetime, but where else are you going to find 10 Toshiba flat panel televisions, a 16-zone Nuvo distributed audio system, towel warmers, and automated everything controlled by your phone? A closer look at this technological marvel, after the jump.