Use old materials to make artifacts - New Crafts ideas 2013

Used old materials in home decor:

Offer new Crafts in 2013 for the home that depend on the use of old materials to make artifacts, learn new crafts ideas in 2013, new ideas to use old materials from home

Much to get rid of the old materials that we no longer use it without knowing it in ways that are simple and some innovation can turn it into a stunning decor pieces.
In this topic, we review with you some ideas that depend on the exploitation of raw materials which have ancient, or some of the tools and the purposes for which we use only once, to turn it into a piece of new and elegant decor.

Images frames lined of cloth:

Images frames lined of cloth

Renews form Picture Frames family in minutes:
- Use any piece of cloth no longer have the field to use.
- Take Frame Sizes the image that you have on a piece of cloth, then cut the same dimensions with the disposal of excess cloth.
- Of cloth belly frame image to appear as a background, and then paste the image to be placed in the middle.

cookies box of water bottles

Cookies box of bottle of water

Use plastic water bottles Gift Box industry to make cookies:
- Bring Plastic water bottles in petite size, and sections of each bottle in half, and discard the part that slot to drink water.
- Put cookies inside each half bottle you have, then pray bottles together with wrap duct tape colorful and stylish from the middle to close the box.

Implant vases on the wall

Implant vases on the wall

If you are an amateur growing houseplants, here's the golden idea:
- Use a food cans that do not you place preferably plastic then put in every plant grown cans.
- Proven on one of the walls of the house two sheets of wood vertically does not exceed each and every one of the 60 centimeters, then Hang cans planting horizontally on the sheet by hinges.

Fish ponds of coffee jug

Fish ponds of coffee jug:

You can convert a jug maker into a small basin Fish, fill coffeepot with water to put some colored stones with water in the hall of herbs available in ornamental fish shops and finally Make colorful ornamental fish sail in the tub!

cups raincoats a Trousers of jeans

Cups raincoats a Trousers of jeans

Took advantage of old jeans cloth and making beautiful raincoats cups, cutting through sewing pants legs on the sides and of a thickness not exceeding one and a half centimeters and a length of 40 to 45 centimeters.
Then, Catch the tip of the cloth and put it adhesive and wraps well in a circle with the installation from time to time with adhesive, and then leave for protective circular to dry before use to put the cups.

Table of the old bags

Table of the old bags

Took advantage of a old suitcase for your grandmother and around to a versatile table in a very easy way. Bags are usually old take rectangular design and made ​​of solid severity, and here lies the success of the idea.
- Proven four joints in the bag from the bottom, so that from which you can install the legs.
- Rode any old table legs have in the joints installed on the bottom of the bag.
- And so on, we have got the table unusable, you can put the lighting unit "lampshades" office, and some books or magazines and newspapers, and can also be stored inside the bag any holdings of the family.

Old windows to innovative Frames

Old windows to innovative Framer

Do not dispose of the old wooden window slabs and used in a different way as follows:
- Around the wooden frame of the window to have a different frame design, through paste a picture of your family in window boxes, and then the entire chipboard suspend on one of the walls of the house, to be the final shape like a photo album.

Hanging vase from the old lamps

Hanging vase from the old lamps

There is no more than the lamps that end-of-life for our in-house, hence the idea of ​​hanging vase .. Here's how:
- Bring one of the old lamps you have, and with power tools "pliers" deflate heart lamp inside.
- After that became lamp circle, Past one small pieces of cloth on the tip of the lamp of the metal hand.
- Hang lamp at medium altitudes, by the same color wire cloth pasted, taking into account the well install the wire with glue from both sides of the lamp to prevent the fall of the vase.
- Fill the lamp or vase innovative little water, and Put two flower.